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How To Make A Combustion Propane Injection Potato Gun

How To Build:

Step 1 - Cut the PVC pipes with a hack saw to the appropriate lengths according to the diagram below. Make sure the pipes are cleaned.

Step 2 - Hammer two nails across from each other into the 4" PVC pipe (Combustion Chamber) where shown and wrap the stripped ends of the igniter wire right below the head of the nail. Make sure the points of the nails are about a 1/4" away from each other inside the pipe. Push the igniter button to make sure that you see a spark inside the pipe.

Step 3 - Attach a Propane Injection Meter. (Learn How To Build One Here)

Step 4 - Apply PVC primer then PVC cement to the ends of the pipes where shown while cementing all the pipes together. Wait 24 Hours for the cement to dry before shooting.

How To Use:

Shove a potato with a ramrod or a stick down to the end of the barrel. Turn the first valve of the propane meter for a second or two. Turn the second valve of the propane meter for a second or two. Push the igniter button to shoot.

Combustion Potato Gun Diagram

Materials Needed:

1) Propane Injection Meter (Learn How To Build One Here)

2) 4" PVC Cleanout With Plug

3) 4" PVC Coupling

4) 4" X 1.5' PVC SCH40 Pipe

5) 4'' To 2" PVC Reducer Coupling

6) 2" X 4' PVC SCH40 Pipe

7) BBQ Igniter With 2 Nails

Tools Needed:

8) PVC Primer And Cement

9) Hack Saw

10) Hammer