Safety Precautions

Do not point or shoot Spudguns at people, animals, vehicles, buildings or anything you don’t want to destroy.
Do not look down the barrel or chamber of a loaded Spudgun.
Do not let children handle Spudguns.
Do not use non-pressure rated PVC pipes or DWV Cellular Core pipes. Only pressure rated SCH40 PVC pipes should be used.
Do not use high powered fuels such as acetylene, hydrogen or oxygen in combustion Spudguns.
Do not use a Spudgun in a reckless manner.
Do not go beyond 100 PSI with a pneumatic Spudgun.
Do not put Spudguns away loaded.
Always use Spudguns in room temperature weather. Cold air will make the pvc more brittle causing the Spudgun to possibly blow up.
Always make sure that the chamber plug is on before shooting a combustion Spudgun.
Always shoot Spudguns in wide open spaces where the potatoes will only hit the ground.
Always treat Spudguns as if they were real firearms.